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A systemic tree injection is an alternative to spraying and granular applications for insect and disease control. The beneficial chemical is delivered directly into the vascular system of the tree for quicker, more pointed application. The injection to the tree necessitates removal of some plant tissue to make a hole big enough for the liquid control.




­Systemic implanting(injections) is a method of nutrient application which addresses some of the issues with soil and foliar applications. First, the results are observed within weeks of the application. This is due to the fact the nutrient is implanted directly into the vascular tissue of the plant and is immediately available. Because of the vascular placement, systemic implants are an excellent way to apply nutrient when a plant is in a stress situation such as drought, damage from weather, construction, confined planters, fire or other external factors. Secondly, it is not unusual to control the deficiency for periods of two to three years. Thirdly, it is an environmentally safe way to apply nutrient because of the very small amounts of material needed to correct the problem and the closed system of application which has no negative impact on the soil or atmospheric environment.­





­Insect Management

­Insecticides for tree injection treatments controls many of the most destructive insects feeding on trees. Insecticides go to work immediately to eliminate insects that can destroy trees and plants in the safest and most effective manner. An environmentally friendly, fast acting way to apply pesticides with it’s closed system delivery eliminates the worry about drift, water contamination and environmental concerns associated with other pesticide methods of applications. Chemicals are contained entirely within the trees system, pests feeding on the tree being directly affected. Beneficial and non­target insects and other life forms are not affected. We can treat trees in adverse weather conditions (wind, and rain) or at difficult location such as next to swimming pools, school yards, along busy streets, in interior plantscapes etc.).





­Tree injection by a professional arborist delivers pesticides and fungicides in a precise manner to infected parts of the tree with no potential exposure to children, pets or wild animals. Even non­target beneficial insects are safe. Pre measured, precise doses of carefully selected systemic chemicals are delivered through feeder tubes into the sap flow of the tree. These chemicals are then trans­located throughout the tree to provide protection and control against disease and pests Think of the process as several shots being delivered to an oversized patient.





­Injections into the tree’s vascular system delivers an effective Oxytetracycline Antibiotic for the control of Fire Blight, X­disease, Bacterial Leaf Spot, and decline of crop­bearing Peach and Pear trees. OTC also aids in the control of certain other bacterial and mycoplasma- like diseases of forest, ornamental, crop­bearing and non­crop­bearing trees, woody shrubs and palms, such as Ash Yellows, Fire Blight, Leaf Scorch, Wetwood, and Lethal Yellows of Coconut Palm and Lethal Decline of Pritchardia Palm.



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